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A holistic approach to sexual wellness through your body

What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one, she's already had everything she needs within herself. It's the world that convinced her she did not."
-Rupi Kaur
What I offer
I offer in person, individual sexual wellness coaching and bodywork that happens in my my home in Katajanokka, Helsinki. Here I also offer in person vulva casting sessions. I offer all sessions in Swedish, Finnish and English.

If you feel like working with me online I offer online consultations and mindful self pleasure coaching.
Vulva casting
In this session we have a discussion about your relationship with your genitals, you get to speak openly about your own story regarding your genitals, you get to ask any questions you’ve had about your vulva and vulvar health and if you'd like we can explore your unique anatomy together.

After this we cast your vulva. To make the cast we use alginate and plaster. The alginate is put on the skin while it's wet and will then dry in about 15 min to become consistent. The alginate is totally toxic free and easy on the skin (it's the same material dentists use to make a mold of your teeth). You can choose to have this statue colored and coated. You can choose between a smaller size that you can easily carry with you or hide away if you want to keep it for your own eyes only or a bigger statue if you'd like to admire it from your shelf.

You can choose to do the vulva casting session 1:1 with me or together with a friend.
The session lasts for 2 hours.
Big statue: 1 person 128€ and 2 people 226€
Small round statue: 1 person 108€ and 2 people 186€

To book your session I kindly ask you to first fill out the vulva casting session form after which I will be in contact with you.
Sexual wellness coaching and sexological bodywork
Have you dreamt about finding a better connection to your body? Would you like to understand what it is that you really want? Do you want to learn about your boundaries and with this deepen your relationship to yourself and others? Would you like to experience the magic of touch and the magic of getting aware of your body and its wants and needs? Would you love to learn how your body works, increase sensation and experience more pleasure in your body?

I offer 1:1 sessions to female clients to deepen their connection to themselves, their bodies and embrace their sexual selves. You can come to me with a sexual “problem” or just with the desire to love yourself better. The sessions are entirely client-led so we work with whatever you and your body is in need of at that specific moment.

We work together to create a safe space where everything is welcomed. I use different methods during the sessions which can be; talking/asking questions, mindfulness practices, body-based practices, bodily massages and pelvic floor releasing (external and internal genital work can be included).

I do sessions in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Examples of different themes we could work around:

-Reconnecting with your body and genitals (feel them, understand them)
-Difficulties knowing what you want, understanding your boundaries and expressing yourself
-Difficulties around self-pleasure
-Pleasure and orgasms
-Feelings of shame about yourself and your sexuality
-Feelings of numbness
-Feelings of lack of libido
-Releasing tensions from your body
-Understanding what sex is for you
-Opening up discussions around sex and sexuality
-Genital anatomy
-Sexual problems
-How to embrace your sexual self

Sessions lasts about 2 hours.
First session (assessment session) 80€
Following sessions: 98€
Three session packages: 274€

Free intake calls
I offer 30 min free intake calls where we discuss the process of this work, we feel if we’re a good match for starting this work together and you get to ask any questions you may have.
Online consultations & self pleasure coaching
The online consultation is for you if you have a specific question about sex & sexuality which you want some support in unpacking together. I might have some tips on first steps to take, books to read or podcasts to listen to. At the end of the call I give my recommendation on how to go forward.

For people wanting to up level their self pleasure practice and learn how to pleasure themselves mindfully, slowly and without pressure or pushing, online self pleasure coaching might be for you. In this session we start by speaking about your self pleasure practice now and what you would like it to look like. We set up an intention and come up with a plan to make the needed changes in your self pleasure practice. I will be your go to accountability buddy throughout your journey supporting you along the way.

The online sessions are 1 hour and happens through google meet.
Price: 77€ / call
What clients say about sessions
  • Melanie, 21
    To contact and meet Jenny is one of the best decisions I've made.
    Jenny is there for you, she makes you feel safe, heard and accepted just the way you are. Everything is okay and everything is welcomed.
    I've learned to listen and feel to get in contact with myself and my body through our sessions. I have a bigger understanding of who I am and what I need to feel good and be present. I've learned how to listen to myself, my needs and to feel safe through different practices and discussions.
    We all have a path to walk in life and it looks different for everyone. Maybe you feel an interest or call to meet Jenny on your path. In that case, don't hesitate to contact her. I warmly recommend ❤️

  • Oona, 23
    You have given me the most beautiful gifts. You’ve helped me get in contact with myself and my body during our sessions. This has led to me being in more tune with my emotions and needs and learnt to feel and feel again and express them. I’ve got to practice on how to put up my boundaries and express my needs which has led to my self confidence and security in myself increasing. My emotions are flowing more freely than before and it’s now easier to welcome feelings like happiness and eagerness.
    During our sessions I’ve felt safe, fully seen and accepted as I am. Everything has been welcomed. At the same time as I’ve felt that everything happens on my terms, you’ve managed to give me full support and the container I’ve needed to feel safe. I’ve also felt safe to express whatever wants to come out. Through your presence, your questions and different practices have I gotten in contact with my inner self and learnt how to notice whatever arises with love and acceptance. Due to this my whole being has changed. I feel more free than ever, safe in myself, in my body and in life.

  • Kirsikka, 47
    Jenny creates a strong trust and safe place where it’s easy to be in. It is meeting, present, calm, questioning and explanatory. There is space to be with whatever is present for oneself at that moment.
    My own meeting with her flowed on easily. Jenny’s broad understanding of the human being, sexuality, trauma sensitivity, healing and her confident way of caring made it possible for me to experience the session very naturally. With being strongly rooted in her own soft feminine and intentional power, Jenny gives a lot of space for the other. This creates trust and ease for surrendering into the experience.
    When meeting clients Jenny’s way of approaching is very precious. She asks for the client’s wishes and based on this she gives suggestions of action and explains beforehand about everything that's about to happen. She also makes it very clear that the experience happens on the client’s terms and everything can be stopped at any moment.
    For myself, this was a very holistic and healing experience with a lot of contrasts. Thank you.

What is sexological bodywork
Somatic sex coaching and sexological bodywork is client led, client focused, body focused sex education. A somatic sex coach supports people to learn about their own bodies, sexualities and sensual selves through coaching, mindfulness, massage and other body-based exercises and experiences. Clients can come for sessions if they want to get more clear about their own boundaries, release emotions or feelings of sexual shame, learn about their desires and how to express them, deepen their connections to their own bodies, deepen their pleasure and more.

Sexological bodywork may or may not include genital touch according to your own wishes. Genital touch is NOT given for sexual release, but for the purpose of your own learning about your body, for opening blockages in your body, increasing sensitivity etc.

A somatic sex coach works under the oath of ethical principles which means that our work is client-focused. Everything we do is based on your consent and we will actively be listening to your boundaries during the sessions. I will give you a thorough explanation of each exploration before you choose if you want to participate and we will never go further than agreed. We will make sure you feel safe with me at all times, through actively communicating about your needs and I encourage you to listen to your No’s, when you need to slow down or stop. Other ethical principles we have are that the practitioner is always working clothed, wearing gloves during genital touch and genital touch being one way oriented (from practitioner to client). The coaching is confidential, which means that the information you share with me is kept confidential for my eyes and ears only. This also applies to any notes taken during the session.

About me
Jenny Sumelius, sexual wellness coach

Hello, my name is Jenny. I’m a swedish speaking finn, which means I was born in Finland with swedish as my main language. Right now I live in Helsinki, Finland where I see my clients. I’ve studied in English and do sessions now in three languages, English, Swedish and Finnish.

Sexuality was something that caught my interest a long time ago. Especially since I’ve felt a lot of shame around it. I started masturbating from a very young age without understanding what I was doing and when I was caught and shamed for doing this I stopped instantly and connected my sexuality to something bad and shameful. I became a shy, sensitive child who did anything to be liked and feel a sense of belonging. This developed me into a people-pleaser with hardly any boundaries. It has taken my whole adult life to unlearn this. To retrain my nervous system and this is work I continuously do with myself.

What I love the most in this world is connection. Especially with people but also with animals, nature and the universe. I believe that we have a relationship to everything, which is why I have found profound benefits in all places in my life by exploring and understanding human connections and relationship to self and the body. I myself have found the most healing in my life, by looking at my wounds of shame and self-loathing through sexuality. And this is why I do what I do today.

I believe that sexual energy = life force energy, which means that when our sexual energy flows our life will also flow. I believe that diving into our sexuality will discover things about ourselves that we otherwise maybe wouldn’t. This is because diving into sexuality forces you to look at the most vulnerable parts of yourself.

To learn and grow I’ve done numerous online programs and in-person workshops in fields of tantra, female embodiment, sexuality, meditation and yoga, yoni egg practice, pelvic floor health and de-armouring. I love to continuously learn and grow as a person to find ways to help myself as well as help others.

I’ve completed the following certifications:
Public health nurse 2014
The basics of sexology 2016
Meditation- and relaxation coach 2019
Mind coach 2020
Singing bowl relaxation coach 2020
Feminine Yin Yoga instructor 2021
Somatic coach and sexological bodyworker 2022

Through my trainings I’ve come to discover that we need to work holistically, with the whole body, to be able to make lasting change in our lives. This is the reason I now do somatic work in combination with coaching. Our bodies hold wisdom that our mind can’t even comprehend and it also holds on to memories and blockages that can’t be cleared with working with the mind only. This is why in somatic work, we trust the body and work through it, listening closely to its cues, taking the time it needs to release at its own pace.

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You can also directly book a free intake call, online coaching calls or fill out the questions forms below and I'll be in contact with you.

Thank you for showing your interest and for giving thought to your own health and well-being <3

Helsinki, Katajanokka
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